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Club Testimonial One2One Fitness, Cornwall

‘We introduced Gymstick at one2one Fitness 12 months ago giving it a prime time slot on our studio Timetable. Having done the instructor training I knew what the benefits are, and could see how popular this class would be with our members. Initially they were rather intrigued and curious as to how this tiny piece of equipment could have a major impact on their training and ultimately themselves.

The first session was extremely challenging for the members as it is for anyone new to Gymstick, with the variations in exercises and getting into positions, but they soon picked it up and at the end of the session immediately booked in for the next one. Some of the feedback we got were:

‘Wow, I feel really stretched and cant believe how much of a workout I have had’

‘That was great, much better than pump, as I can use my own body weight as resistance and not actual weights -it was great!’

‘That was a surprise, I didn’t think I would get much out of it but can really feel it!

‘It takes a bit of getting used to with the variations, got myself into a knot once or twice, but really like it’

We have seen this class grow with an increasing amount of regulars who can feel and see the benefits of working with Gymstick. The amount of resistance determind by each individual allows them to work at their level without the risk of injury unlike other classes. The simplicity but more importantly the versatility is endless and is all dependent on the creativity of the instructor. The Gymstick is an amazing fitness tool and one that we at one2one fitness will be using for many years to come’

Jan, One2One Fitness, Cornwall

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