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Gymstick Aqua

Each Gymstick concept comes with full training and resources

A Gymstick PT can ‘think outside the box’ and incorpoarte a host of exercise options, indoors and out! Functional moves, CV, Strength and Flexibility are all included in the Gymstick PT training.

No choreography just a range of simple exercise ‘trios’ that Instructors can use to work their own magic. The result is a motivating class where different fitness levels can acheive maximum results. Each exercise is increased in intensity with a simple twist of the bar which increases resistance as they work!

The range of band strenths adds to the ability to provide progression – the possibilities are simply endless!

A new way to work out in water! Variety and Progression are the key essentials that this concept will add to any Aqua class.
The Benefits of using the Aqua Gymstick

Higher intensity workout.

Increased recruitment of muscle fibres – especially in the upper body.

Increase challenges for balance and coordination training.

Requires greater recruitment of core muscles.

Can use the stick to create turbulence in addition to the resistance in the bands to add further challenges.

Excellent tool for rehabilitation.

Can be used effectively in shallow pools.

Easy to use and instruct.

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