Here’s what people people say!

“I have been looking for something new but budgets are so tight that it needed to be pretty versatile. Fads come and go and I was wary of falling into that trap again. In short – Gymstick does what it says on the tin and although I initially used it as a way to get resitance classes into the studio, it has now become a staple bit of kit in the gym too as its great as an alternative when key bits of kit are all being used. My Instructors are all trained to approach clients with a GS alternative. if I had a pool I would use them in there too to be honest.

I am not easily impressed but I have to say Gymstick has surprised me!

A Gym Manager

At last something that is small enough to fit into my clinic but will adjust to suit the ability and needs of every patient. I am so impressed with the simplicity of the resistance adjustment and how I can use the gymstick to help mobilise joints in such a natural way.

A Physio

I began going to Gymstick because I wanted to tone up my stomach and waist area.
It is a very intense, challenging and structured workout but rather addictive.
Unlike some other forms of exercise it really targets my problem areas and I have noticed a definite improvement. My waist is more defined and my stomach is looking flatter.
I am enjoying the class and I am pleased with the outcome!

Cathy – Bromley

“To be honest, I was going to skip this training session because I thought I could pretty much work out for myself how the Gymstick could be used. HOW WRONG COULD I BE?

After only 10 minutes I reslised I was on to something that would transform my PT sessions and the best bit is that so many of the exercises actually involve much more participation from me. its great to not simply be a ‘spotter’ or reps counter but actually mix up the resistance and angles” – Tom W

Tom a PT

As a group fitness instructor with 20 years experience, I have seen the fitness industry evolve over the years. Some of the innovations in exercise equipment have not been so successful – promising instant fitness and weight loss benefits and only delivering injuries. When I first heard of Gymstick, my first reaction was, I will admit, a little sceptic. However, I decided to try it before I made up my mind so I booked into Marietta Mehanni’s Gymstick Muscle workshop. From the onset I was very impressed. Marietta’s knowledge of functional training and her ability to facilitate our learning was exceptional. However, the real surprise came when I first tried the Gymstick. Once I had set up the starting position for the first exercise, I could feel my abdominal muscles activate before I had even moved. The exercises were easy to set up and follow and very effective in activating multiple muscle groups and most importantly challenging enough for even the most trained athlete. I have a back injury and am pregnant so was very concerned about causing any damage, however I felt physically supported through every exercise. By the end of the day, I felt like I had challenged my body but had not compromised my health.

I realised that this small piece of equipment could revolutionise the fitness industry. Not only do we have a training tool that can be used at home safely by beginners or by physiotherapists in rehabilitation, we have a tool that can be used in gyms both in personal training and group fitness environments to challenge trained athletes. I highly recommend the Gymstick and the Gymstick Muscle program as a safe and challenging training tool. Thanks Marietta!

Lucy Martin
Group Fitness Instructor, Goodlife

A Group Ex trainer

As someone that exercises regularly, I am a new comer to gymsticks. I start with the intention of using it as vehicle to strengthen the core and other smaller muscles that support major muscle groups used in running, lacrosse and cycling. Strengthening the core and other surrounding muscles has helped to maintain good posture, improved balance and better co-ordination. All of which have been contributory in improving my running speed, lacrosse co-ordination and general strength.

Peter – London Runner